Thank you for visiting the UUA’s new media blog. This blog will provide information on using new media to promote Unitarian Universalism and UUA congregations. We’ll discuss specific new media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs, as well as general principles and strategies for new media use.

Readers involved in any aspect of congregational life are welcome to participate.  This blog will benefit from the comments and questions of congregational staff, webmasters, communications committee members, religious education teachers, and other leaders using technology to advance their congregation’s programs and ministry.

The blog will begin with a series of “Getting Started” posts covering each of the major new media tools currently in use by UUA congregations. These posts will include basic definitions of each tool, so that newcomers to these technologies can learn and comment, along with more experienced new media users.

Readers can also look forward to posts from the staff of the UUA Office of Electronic Communications related to new media use by the UUA and Unitarian Universalist congregations.

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Shelby Meyerhoff

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