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A blog is a website or part of a website that publishes posts written by one or more authors. Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order and readers may be allowed to write comments on posts.

Most blogs that are related to Unitarian Universalism are authored by a single individual. For example, many Unitarian Universalist ministers have blogs that they use for sharing personal reflections as well as news about Unitarian Universalism and their congregation.

While single-author blogs are most common, it is possible to have a successful institutional blog; these usually feature multiple authors writing about related topics.

Here are some examples of Unitarian Universalist congregational blogs: the FUUN Blog by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, Tennessee; the UUCSR Writers blog at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Rosa, CA; the Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma blog; the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lake Norman blog; and the Westside UU Congregation Religious Education blog.

The UUA has launched a new blogging platform and a list of UUA blogs is available at

If you are a new Unitarian Universalist blogger and would like to find and connect with others, let me suggest two good starting points for finding other Unitarian Universalist blogs.

The first is, which aggregates posts from hundreds of blogs written by Unitarian Universalists. (If you would like to promote your blog to other Unitarian Universalists, you can submit it for inclusion on

The second is “The Interdependent Web,” a UU World weekly feature highlighting the best of the Unitarian Universalist blogosphere.

To help you get started with your blog, the UUA has developed several how-to resources:

Best Practices for Unitarian Universalist Blogging” is a report based on survey responses from prominent Unitarian Universalist blogs. The bloggers featured write from different perspectives and about different topics in Unitarian Universalism.  The report shares their insights on issues like setting a tone, creating a safe space, respecting confidentiality, and responding to comments.

The other UUA resources for designed especially for bloggers are “How to Set Up a Blog” and “Tips for Unitarian Universalist Beginner Bloggers.”

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Shelby Meyerhoff


  1. Anna Belle

    Thanks so much for the mention of the FUUN Blog! I thought you might be interested that I consider adding the blog to our site the single best thing I have done in my 10+ years as one of our church’s webmasters. We don’t use it in the traditional way of a blog, but rather for announcements from church leadership, including committee chairs, the staff and the Board. Then I’ve integrated it into the home page of the site — and it helps people find us who are interested in doing social justice work, since social justice announcements are often on our blog.

  2. Shelby Meyerhoff

    Hi Anna Belle,

    Great to hear from you! Thanks for the additional information about the content provided on the FUUN Blog and how you promote the blog on the congregation’s website home page.


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