In the previous post, I offered some suggestions for crafting a congregational new media policy. Another related and frequently-asked question is about new media policies specifically for youth groups. At this time, the UUA does not have an official sample policy for youth groups.

What I usually recommend to youth advisors is that they join the UUA’s “advisor-l” e-mail list for youth advisors, browse the archives to read past conversations about communicating online, and — if the answer to their question isn’t available in the archives — post a new question to the list.

Religious educators may also find it useful to consult the UUA’s resources on creating and maintaining a safe congregation and to contact their district office if further guidance is needed.

If your congregation has an online communication policy for religious educators that you think would be helpful to other congregations — or you would like to suggest some guidelines that have worked well in your experience as a lay leader or professional religious educator — please comment!

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