Keeping up with news and ideas about new media can be time-consuming.  The number and complexity of new media tools is daunting and there is an overwhelming amount of new media advice being offered online.

Here are a few of the online resources I’ve found that helpful in learning about new media without spending excessive money or time:

  • Quick and Dirty Tips from the Digital Marketer. True to its name, this weekly podcast provides advice that is concise, easy-to-understand, and practical.
  • Another of my favorite podcasts is Net@Night, which provides a weekly review of news about new media and usually spotlights one or two new tools or products. The episodes are a bit long, but I find it easy to skip those sections in which I’m not interested.
  • The blog Faith and Web: A Church Web Diva’s Musings is written by Anna Belle Leiserson, a Unitarian Universalist who has served on the UUA’s General Assembly web team and who is one of the webmasters at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville in Tennessee. Anna Belle’s knowledge of technology and her experience working on her congregation’s website make her blog a valuable and unique resource. She doesn’t post frequently, but the archives provide plenty of material.
  • When I was first learning about blogging several years ago, ProBlogger was one of my go-to websites for advice. Looking at it right now, it seems very crowded with advertisements and posts about blog monetization. But the general, introductory posts may still be quite helpful for blogging newbies; they can be found by starting at ProBlogger’s “Blogging Tips for Beginners” page.

Tim Griffin, the UUA online communications manager, has two more suggestions for resources to help Unitarian Universalists interested in new media:

What other resources are missing from our lists? Where do you go to learn about Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and other new media?

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