Today Twitter made its new list feature widely available. This feature allows individual users to create lists of their favorite Twitter feeds related to particular topics. Lists are identified by both the user name of the Twitterer that created the list and the subject to which the list relates. (For example, @uua/uu-congregations is a list of Unitarian Universalist congregations, created by the UUA).

I was delighted to see when I logged into the @uua Twitter account this afternoon that twelve lists had already been created that include the @uua feed (thanks, fellow Unitarian Universalist Twitterers!) The  Twitter lists that include @uua have subjects like “unitarian-universalists,” “uu-orgs,” “spiritual-inspirational,” and “news-sources,” which gives you a sense of the different topics around which lists can be constructed and through which Twitters can come across Unitarian Universalist feeds.

The @uua account is now host to several lists as well, which are intended to serve as a quick reference for Twitterers searching for certain types of Unitarian Universalist feeds. The @uua lists are@uua/uu-congregations, @uua/uua-programs-and-offices, and @uua/uua-related-organizations

I’m hopeful that Unitarian Universalist lists (and lists on related topics) will provide opportunities for seekers on Twitter to discover our faith and for Unitarian Universalists on Twitter to continue to connect with one another.

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Shelby Meyerhoff


  1. Cynthia Landrum

    Yesterday I finally set up a Twitter account for our church. (The content is, for right now, entirely supplied by linking my church’s Facebook page to the Twitter page, so that I post in one location and it goes both places. But this is just for starters.) How do I get my church’s Twitter (@UUCEL) listed on @uua/uu-congregations? Do I just follow it and it’ll find me that way? Thanks!

  2. Shelby Meyerhoff

    Hi Cynthia, Thanks for commenting and welcome to Twitter! I’ve added @UUCEL to the @uua/uu-congregations list. Sending a Tweet to @uua is another good way to notify me of those kinds of requests.

  3. Cynthia Landrum

    Thanks, Shelby! I had been Tweeting for some time at @revcyn, but didn’t set up a Twitter account for the church because I needed a second e-mail, and the church e-mail was in flux. It’s great to finally have us up and running, and thank you for adding us in to the UUA’s list.


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