Easy-to-share videos about Unitarian Universalism

Looking for videos about Unitarian Universalism that you can promote via social media and on websites?

Below are recommendations for finding new Unitarian Universalist videos that are high-quality, compelling, and easy-to-share:

1. New videos are added on a regular basis to the YouTube channel of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Select videos from the 2010 General Assembly are now available there, including footage of the Banner Parade, the Ware Lecture, the Sunday morning worship service, the Award for Distinguished Service presentation and acceptance, the President’s Report, and remarks by Al Franken, Keith Ellison, Mark Ritchie.

2. The Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) campaign YouTube channel features videos of SSL events and messages from SSL leaders. 

3. Speaking of Faith Observed has produced Vimeo videos featuring interviews with Unitarian Universalists at the 2010 General Assembly. The first two videos are “What is a Unitarian Universalist?” and “How did you become a Unitarian Universalist?

4. An extensive collection of shareable videos about Unitarian Universalism is available on UUPlanet.tv The videos on UUPlanet.tv come from a variety of congregations and Unitarian Universalist organizations, providing a wide selection of content.

Social media training materials for General Assembly

New social media training resources from the 2010 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association have been added to the UUA’s social media resources collection. These include:

1. Video and slides for the “Introduction to Social Media and Public Relations” workshop.  These are perhaps our only social media resources that also provide an overview of traditional media outreach for congregations.

2. Slides from a portion of the “Advanced Social Media” workshop are below.

Slideshare presentation on social media and congregational mission

At the May 1st Spring Conference of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Massachusetts Bay District, I had the privilege of offering a keynote on social media and congregational mission, and listening to a social media presentation from Peter Bowden, growth consultant for the Ballou Channing District.

My presentation included an overview of the social media landscape, a discussion of ministry and evangelism online, and suggestions for engaging with social media in safe and ethical ways. The slides are below; please feel free to share this presentation with other Unitarian Universalists interested in social media:

The “Social Media and Congregational Mission” presentation above is geared towards Unitarian Universalist leaders already familiar with the some of the basics of social media. A good starting point for beginners looking to learn more about social media is this newcomer-friendly presentation: